Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lennie & Dexter wedding♥

i noe im super duper late for posting this post..hahaha
attended my cousin's wedding in the morning..
nothing much to talk about..
simple and nice..=)

thy printed this out..special right?hehe

LOOK!!! "ah ma,ngo dak jor lahh!!" LOL!!!!!!!!

im lazy to makeup..=(
and my someone said tat i look damn pale..
asked me to sleep early..==
bt i dowan..haha!!

the bride and the groom..=)

me and my babe sherly..=)


wit my babe nephew..casper..=)

off to home aftertat..
coz i wan to meet up wit my baby..hahaha!
around 6pm..we went and took the cake..
my mom bought a cake for them..nice right?
and oso brought champagne for them..=)

while on the way...camwhored wit my lil sis..

and here..the nice cake..
DL means the groom Dexter and the bride Lennie..
guess hw much??
it cost 450 bucks...gooshhh!!
bt who care?coz its nice..haha!


their rings..=)


my cousin's husband..drunk d..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

nikey and the baby casper..

wish dexter and lennie happily ever after..=)


p.s:miss your massage..haha! 3 more days. ♥♥

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