Monday, December 28, 2009

♥Taiwan Trip♥ 3rd day

supposed to pick strawberry wan..
bt tourguide said its not strawberry season now..
so we dint go and pick..

went to florist store in the early morning..
1 word.. BORED!! =___=

and here..we had lunch there..
the food there quite nice!! =)

me and pei yee..

wit felisya..

and here...

the super nice ice-cream..=D

and i bought this..
strawberry popcorn..NICE!!!!!!!

my sis..

the big strawberry...wwoohhhoooo~!!!

went to flying cow farm aftertat..

u can see this often inside the taiwan drama name "Lavendar"

and here...we squeeze the milk..LOL!!!!!!!!!!
nice experience!!!!

backed to hotel aftertat..

our room key...cute right??

i like their colourful..hahahah..

we had milk steamboat as our dinner..not bad tho..
and gt 1 girl celebrated her birthday there..=)
ada cake makan..LOL!!!!!!

and they had DIY activity after dinner..
the way to make the butter..=)
u have to shake..

LOOK!!!!! =P
see who the faster..
me and my sis shaked til our hand pain like hell...=___=

enjoyed the bread wit our own make butter...LOL

tats all..

p.s: something happened in these 2 days between u and me,i really shocked wat u did to me jz sorry oso dunno..jz hope no more next time..if nt im really tired in a relationship..and yes..i stil love u..

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