Sunday, December 6, 2009

simple day out ♥

went to sunway pyramid wit my babE and babY =P
we jz went there to had our brunch..
we went to sakae sushi..
nth much to talk..
pictures here..=)

i jz like this pic very much.. ♥♥♥

this is wat i ate..
dunno wat it cal..== chinese is cal "man yu" rice..LOL

girls favourite. =P

and here wit my love.

and the next day..15/11/09..sunday..
went to tropicana shopping mall wit phinn and my baby kiat..
we watched 2012 tat day..

we tried the sequence mode..LOL!!

wit my babe phinn

i likey.. =)

huey.. =)

nt ready yet..LOL

i likey..


we non stop snapping everywhere..LOL!!!

the funniest!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

went to dapao BBQ chicken at qiant for my sis be4 went out

snapped again while waiting..haha

u try to snap me?

and i try to snap u too..=)

spot my ugly face..LOL!!!!!!


p.s: im very sorry for jz nw baby..i felt guilty about it..really sorry ='(
p.p.s: 1 more day to go..wwowoohhhoooo~!!!

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