Monday, December 21, 2009

♥Taiwan Trip♥ 1st day

im backed from taiwan..=)
and i miss taiwan so much seriously. DUHHH!!

while on the way to KLIA!!!
all of us are so excited!! =D
hw many of us?can count at the 1st pic..haha
there are 9 included my dad..haha!!
bt of coz wit tour la..=P

wit my elder sis..and i know i look older than her.. =(

my sis agnes and my cousin pei you.

and me..

wit the 7 days schedule..=)

cousin num 2..felisya..

cousin num 3..peiyi..

snapped while at the food court,KLIA.


cousins again..2 boys..=)

china airlines..
at 1st we tot this china airlines damn cheap..
manatau..nt bad..LOL!!!

pei you.


ruimen and didi..

i felt so excited whn i saw a mirror..LOL!!!

my flight is at 2.30pm..

guess wat movie is this?
yessss.. is UP!!
watched this while im on the sky..LMAO!!!!!!

the mixed snack..damn nice seriously..
many ppl took it again from air hostess..

look!!the yellow wan..ohh my goddd...damn nice!!!!!!

and spaghetti wit fish fillet..damn nice..
this was my 1st time said the food inside the plane is nice!!
and nt jz me said tat..
all of my cousins said the same thing...=)

okay..lets start here..
reached at its very dark in taiwan d..haha
went to hotel once we reached..
our tourguide let us rested for 10mins..
where we went after 10mins?
yess..we went to "JI LONG" pasar malam..

we had our dinner there..
all the food there damn nice!!!
their "ai yu bing" totally diff wit m'sia..NICE!!!!!!!!!
pearl tea? NICE!!!!!

and this..
Tao Fu Fa wit the black pearl..super nice!!!!!!!!!!

felisya,serena and peiyi..

me and felisya..

i noe i look like pregnant..LOL!!!!!!

enjoying eating my ice cream..DAMN NICE!!!!!!!!

my elder sis..serena..

and this..
strongly recommended!!!!!
its called "tia bi so" in hokkien la..haha!!
muz try if u go to taiwan..

and this..
look like a piece of shit??LOL!!!
bt its nice!!!!!
fried oyster..
we called it "O Jian"..
the taste are so damn nice!!!!!!!
totally diff if compare wit malaysia wan..

cousins sis..=)


backed to hotel aftertat..
and online chatted wit my baby..
and we went to 7-eleven aftertat..
i jz simply love their 7-eleven..=)

inside the hotel lift..=)

i dint makeup at all..
so your wil see my zombie face the next few post..=(

til then..

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