Wednesday, April 29, 2009


alright,i dunno wat title should i jz put it as sunday..becoz all the pics in this post was took at sunday..=)..okay..i dint go to my grandma place at sunday..becoz we gt invited by my was their grandma birthday party..and i oso y me and my sis gt invited too...muahaha...nvm..becoz we gt angpao from their grandma..LOL!!!!!*im nt tamak okkaayy* 1st...i thought i hv to fetched my maid..becoz she went to church in the ended up coz my mom said no need to fetched her..becoz we gt invited to the we wil fetched her after dinner..and my mind jz pop up suddenly was like.."sis,lets go to the curve..and having our lunch at there since we nt yet take out lunch.."..and my sis was like.."hmm..okay" we went to the curve aftertat...and i saw a top..i miss the top til nw from the day i saw it..coz the top gt abit was imported all the way from the price was so NICE!!!!!bt i think i wil get it tomoro or friday if stil have...ya..IF STIL HAVE!!!becoz their stock is jz only 1...i hope i can get it..becoz i wan it very around there and thy hv a japanese fair at ikano..and we saw MYFM "dak gong dui" outside the ikano..hehe..i bought some drinks from the fair...=)...and my sis wan to buy a cleanser at she got 1 cleanser since her cleanser oready finished for few months to home around 5pm..and i on my fb awhile..i took a nap aftertat..i dunno y i jz felt very sleepy in these days...and i gt myself prepared for the dinner aftertat...and i tighted my hair up..u all noe was darn hot in these days...u cant sleep well without aircond...LOL!!!...okay..lets talk about yest which is tuesday..i gt to checked up..and the doctor took all my "yu huet" tat was stil inside my nose..i saw wonder my nose stil gt blood im ok nw...thx for all the caring yea..muacks..and the doctor gave me medicine and cream again..cream is stil ok for scared of it no choice...and i have to eat it for 1 month..==...and luckily its jz need to take 1 for night..i mean before sleep..if nt..i think i better die for it...LOL...i jz stayed at my grandma hse after checked up...and jz waited til around dad only wil came and fetched me at tat i had my dinner around 8.30pm yest...i think can counted it as supper dy..hehe..ohh yea..the doctor asked me dont take cold drinks,chili and something tat is "bu" wan...becoz he said im the 1 tat is very easy bleeding..whn the time he did the operation for make him abit difficult to did the operation..becoz he said my blood was like wont stop..LOL!!!and he asked me don even take the things tat is "bu" wan in my whole life!!!yes WHOLE LIFE~!!!!!!!!=='''...i think my blood really is....hmm..wont i better don take it start from nw..and cold drinks and chili...i need to stop for it for 3 months i think..eeewwww!!!!cold drinks and chili is my favourite man!!!!!!='(..okayy..i think i need to stop typing..haha..lets the pictures do the talking..=)

due to the angle...was like fuck u...muahaha..

me and my lil sis..=)

i noe i had a bad quality i change it soon!!!haha..cant wait for it...

me and nikey...

i look damn fat in this pic..

and this too...==

y my pose jz peace only??i oso dunno..==

and my sis...=)

camwhored awhile after reached home..Lolz..

sry if all the pics is ugly or scary..coz im lazy to make up in these days..i dunno y..hehe

p.s:cant wait...cant wait...
p.p.s:cant wait for this coming sat wweeyyyy...=D
p.p.p.s:wat present should i buy for him??hmm...

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