Monday, May 4, 2009

simple days♥

went out wit my cousin ashley last thursday..stayed at home and online for whole days..becoz i hv to waited for her..she wil fetched me once she done her worked..=)
bt coz of my hse area here are always she went there herself..and i asked my dad send me there..hehe

i look fat in this pic..=(
we planned to went there for the ended up..and we jz shopped around there..
as i had mentioned at my earlier posted favourite top..YA!!i gt it finally..muahaha..i gt 1 legging too..the legging is different compare to others legging..very confortable..=)

ashley send me backed around 11 aftertat..=)

next post wil be update very soon..=)

p.s:i stil miss the time i think..

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