Monday, April 20, 2009

i'm back

yyeessss~~!!!!!i'm back here finally..hehe..i noe i had been long time dint updated my blog..its all coz of my operation...and im more suffered after the opeartion..i hv to take more tat i dint update my u operation started at 6pm something..ended 8pm something...once i entered into the operation room...i was damn scared tat after the doctor asked me to breathe wit the "things"..*i dunno wat tat stuff cal*..Lolz...thn i slept dy..ahhahaha..dunno everything dy...after i woke up..i was vomited..vomited those blood out..yyaakkksss~!!disgusting..all i noe only is i kept vomited...and i gt no appetite..i lost 3kg within 3 days...quite serious huh??hmm..i jz rested at home only...stayed at home oready 1 weeks more..nt even step once to outside...if go out oso jz need to check up only..i fainted 3 times whn i checked up at tuesday if i nt mistaken...scare all the nurse and my dad..hehe...i kept felt sleepy sleepy nw even posting this think i got to stop here and sleep nw..i noe this is a quite weird blog..hehe..YES,about my frenster..i wil seldom play wit all the fren request and comment wil reply abit late yea..stay tunes..=)

my CT scan which is like X-ray...

my medicine...scary???i i need to eat it oso..='(

i hv to put this into my nose 6 times a day..=(

let your see hw was me nw...look pale right??everyone said tat..=(

ohhh yyeeaaa...this 2 pics is took be4 i went out wit my fren range..=)

plan wan to take pic wit i forgot..==..range,we muz take pic together next time yea..=)


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