Thursday, April 23, 2009


nothing to do at i decided to blog a little i gt nothing to share wit u all here...becoz i jz stayed at home more outdoor for me...yeaaa.."outdoor"..==..i can tel u all...i'm bored..bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bt i gt no choice..becoz of my my parents don let me out after the operation..and my lang tengah trip..SAD!!!!!!my parents don let me go dy..coz thy r worry about me..becoz its a very long distance to there..thy scared if anything happen to me..and don hv any hospital at there...i mean at the highway la..==..i felt so sad..becoz i wan to go...!!!!!!!!DUH~~!!!!!='(...nvm...jz forget promised me tat she wil accompany me go to penang..or even malacca..haha...watever...the point is i jz wan to travel around...muahaha...and i wan to yamcha~~~!!!!!!!!!long time never yc wit my babes dy..even meet up oso i hv to jiayou...recover ASAP!!!LOL!!!ohhh yea..i felt tat this year is a very bad year to me...especially my health...yyy???can anyone tel me??or my zodiac sign??snake is nt good for this year??bt thy said this year is a quite a good year for snake..hmm...or virgo??watever la...hope all the things wil be fine after this...if very bad luck in this year...haiz...and my leg is very pain nw..becoz of my maid jz massage for me jz good??keke...i think tats all wat i wan to blog..becoz i jz stayed at home nothing can talk about..ohh yes...the most important things...i had to thanks to my babes tat thy went to the hospital to visited me last time after the operation...thy are stephanie and her bf,cindy and anna..thx so much yea...and i felt so sry to anna and cindy..becoz whn the time thy visited stil blur..i cant even wake up and chit chat wit 2 of them..i jz open my eyes and smile wit them whn my mom asked me to see who came to visited me..and thn i closed my eyes after smile wit i can heard tat my mom chatted wit i do talked wit stephanie..becoz whn the time she visited me i stil can open my eyes and chit-chatted..hehe..and your apples my dear stephanie..she cutted to pieces for me..hw sweet is her...=) u all muchie^^ i mentioned at my previous posted be4..if a post without any pic,it wil be a very boring these are some of the pictures tat i took yest be4 i slept..=='''..sry if look ugly or scary...coz without make up and look damn pale...=(
any change??i mean my face??==


wit spec..muahaha..

p.s:im sad becoz my lang tengah trip....aahhhhh...i wan to go...='(

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