Monday, April 6, 2009

Thai cuisine

5/4/09..sun..went to the curve in the evening wit my lil sis...bought bikini from there..=)..and i had "popiah" as my to home around nite..waited for my mom backed to home and we had dinner at thai restaurant which is jz around my hse area was damn delicious i can say..and went to yc wit mint after dinner..backed home around 11..oohhh yea..if someone noe tat i used to go to my grandma hse every this time different..coz some of my aunt went for "qing ming" mayb thy felt tired or watever..and cancelled dy..hehe..some of the pictures here..
nice environment,nice decoration..=)

this pic look funny..=D

this called "mian kham" in thai..its very yummy..^^

this is hw u need to wrap for it..jz simply put all the ingredients on the leaf..and wrap it aftertat..and its time to enjoy after wrap..^^

my all time favourite..TOM YAM GOONG!!!!

oohhh yea..u can find pineapple fried rice at any thai u cant even find it at this restaurant..this is crabmeat and prawns fried rice...damn yummy..=)

my lil sis..agnes..=)

4/04/09..sat...went to 1u wit my sis...jz becoz i wan to find my fren mint..coz she working there...haha..bought quite alot of things at there..especially at and my sis bought alot of tidbits..muahaha..and potato chips nw have wasabi flavour...its very nice..^^ to home around 6...

some of the pictures here..

my fat face..

can your spot at my face??at the right side look more fat..its becoz of my flu..=(


3/04/09..fri..went to training for the part time promoter...LOL!!!bt i din work at the end..coz some of the fuck reason..thn cancelled dy..damn fuck!!don wanna to mention about it...coz the sepervisor is weird..and no mannes...=='''

pictures tat i took be4 training..

ohh yea..this is the pic tat i took whn i had dinner at japanese cuisine..=)

p.s:need to do operation in this coming sat..='(

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