Friday, April 10, 2009


oohhh yea..operation tomoro..which means friday..everyone was asking me the same question..tat's do u scared?and i'm answering the same question..tat's of coz..hehe...hey..of coz scared la right??bt i gt no choice..i hv to face it..duh..='(...and y i need to operation??its becoz of my fluness...i oready flu more thn 2 weeks..and i can felt tat i was flu for whole year..haha...yes..i was suffering for quite long time dy..i never bother for it coz i thought it was jz a normal flu..manatau..coz my "bi ti" is goin to my forehead,my face,my eyes area and of cz my nose...tats y i need to operation..tat's the reason y my face and my eyes look like "zhong zhong"..the doctor oso asked me..y so late dy only come??i jz kept quiet..hehe..i rmb tat my dear hui hoon was asking me y your eyes was like "zhong zhong" whn we yc last this point i can noe hw good is her...she can saw it...she can feel u lots my dear..=)...ohhhhh yyeessssss...i found out some of the old pic at my file i decided to uploaded at this post..becoz as i noe..if a post without any wil be very boring..don u think so??haha...or jz me thought tat its my ugly pic...=)
pictures here anyway...

me and my cousin felisya..

during CNY...

there's nothing can talk i hv to stop here..operation at tong shin hospital, operation wil be start at i hv to reach there at 1pm...='(..wil be update whn i'm back yea...muacks...wish me luck yea...=)

p.s:i'm i have to face it..wish me luck yea..=)

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o 龟 said...

i wish eu good luck, don scared ya..
o 龟 sayang eu and acc eu ya..
jia you ..