Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two souls with but a single thought,two hearts that beat as one♥

went for a wedding dinner wit my mom at 17/10/09..sat..
ohh goosshhh...i am so so so so boring there...all the neighbours..duhh
i mean all auntie uncle... 1 word to describe..BORED!!!
bt luckily gt u sms wit me all the least i can cure all the boredom..HAHA!!
and u know who u are!! wwweeeeee :D

camwhored again in my dad office be4 goin..

ohh yea...i jz makeup for my eyes...look scary and thick right?
its purposely..HOHO!!
jz wan to tried hw was it...haha!!

show u my ugly pic..ngek!!

and here..wish both of them happily ever after..=)

the gift from them..=D

ooppsss...i did took picture wit the groom and bride..
bt thn the pictures wasnt wit me..duuhhhh...

off to home around 11pm..and waited for my babe phinn..
drove to republic,sunway and met them there..
was so scared tat time..coz i drove alone there at 1am..
bt its okay..=D

2nd round...republic..=)

I and my dear ding ding..

LOL!!!me and the pretty..forgot wats her name..haha

phinn and ding ding..woohhoooo!!

huey and ding ding...sweet sweet...^^


ciaoz around 3am...

me and phinn went to yc aftertat..ohh gooshhh..both of us are tipsy..
bt stil i can drive safely..=)

camwhored again inside the car..=D

and i noe we are weird,weird,weird and who care?HAHA!!

i likey...=)

reached home around 5.30am...
til thn..=D

the day u and me...
we had been together after 1 month..
thx for the sweet story tat u made..*u know i know*..wweeee :D
thx for the tsunami..HAHA!only some of u noe wat am i talking..ngek!
thx for the loving..
thx for the caring..
thx for the birdnest..HAHA!!
and yea i noe u are a good bf..
yes,you are my type..
hope u wil nt stop for loving me..

and of coz i hope im the best gf for you..
we muz appreciate to each others..
i love you my babyboy♥♥

p.s:hope u wont hurt me once oso..=)
p.p.s:all the best to me and you..♥

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