Monday, October 12, 2009

mooncake festival

went to my grandma's hse during mooncake festival..
after ate,chit chat and etc...thn went for 2nd round..
soon keat' hse for bbq..=)
jz had some hotdog thr...coz im its super duper nice!!!=D

had chivas and XO again..yes AGAIN wit the gang..haha
and a drinker..tats y..LOL!!!! *perasan 99* =p
off to home around 2am..=)

wat are they trying to do?

jz guess..=p
*goin to bao zha weyyy* LMAO!!!!!!

and here my pretty cousin..ashley..=)

wit her boy..<3

and the lovey dovey...=)


p.s:i stil need it..

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