Friday, October 16, 2009



supposed to attend for my cousin 2nd birthday party..
bt ended up i attended for 1 of my secondary fren 21st birthday party wit phinn and geok lan..
bt we reached there jz half an hour i think...thn ciaoz..
coz me and phinn got to rushed for 2nd round...
tats club wit my dear stephanie..=)
yess...we are always ON whn we heard about CLUB!!!!!!hahahahha

fetched my maid and her fren to my mom office..

while waiting for geok lan fetch me from my grandma's hse..=)
my cute fatty cousin..


geok lan send me and phinn to my grandma's hse aftertat..
once we reached..and stephanie jz reached oso...the timing was jz so NICE!!hahah

4 of us...

ohh yea...we went to El Habanero which is at capsquare..
i bet your never heard about it..
nvm...coz its stil new..nt bad tho..=)

4 girls...huey,phinn,stephanie and christine..=D

this is wat we got..the free drinks..
its super duper "yakssss"!!!
nt nice at all...after u drink...u wil feel your stomach is HOT!!!

and yeah..we tried..=D

my dear phinn..=)


me and christine..

me and Gzai..


and the guys ordered these..


thy ordered 80 cups...OMG!!!!!!!!!!
bt stil we finished it..=D
is tat nice?
my answer comment..LOL!!!!

and this..


guess which 1 is me..hahaha

the sweet couple...rainsom and stephanie..


me and my dear phinn

my dear stephanie..



and me myself..hahaha

a sweet kiss for u..


wit my dear

owwhhh...sweet sweet..haha

the gang..=D
where's my dear stephanie??
she's inside the toilet...cant stand for the alcohol..
we camwhored while waiting for her...=D

ciaoz around 2am..
and i drived backed to pj myself...haha
phinn overnite at my hse..i jz like u to come to my hse...dunno y..=D

camwhored inside the car while waiting for the guys..
this is our 3rd round...yamcha..haha


more pictures wil uploaded at fb..=)

p.s:sry for we ciaoz earlier..hope u wil like the present..may all your wishes come true..=)

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