Monday, October 5, 2009

another 1st birthday party♥

yea..another birthday party again...
wonder y so many baby birthday party around me these fewdays..LOL!!!
well..i dunno 1 of them at the birthday party..
thy are my i dunno them..haha
bt thy invited us..coz my parents noe me not!!=D
jz followed from the parents..
guess wat??my sis worst than me..she dowan to go at all..
she rather fried the rice and eat herself..LOL!!!funny shit!!!

pictures here =)


special right?
it seems like a wedding cake..hahahaha
like it^^

guess wat...after ate thn i ciaoz..stayed there nt even half an hour..
coz me and my sis wanted to go to pasar malam instead of this..sshhhh...XD

camwhored be4 went to the birthday party..=)

the last..fat face..duhh

after ate,me and my sis went to pasar malam..haha
bt my parents and the maid stil there enjoying their dinner...LOL!!

dunno y im getting lazy to makeup nowadays..duhh
bt good oso i think..coz my skin can get a rest for it..=D

p.s:hope u are alright..=)

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