Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the day wit babe Phinn♥

yesss...the day wit my babe phinn again..
this is the day after club at republic..=)

all i can tel is..we are totally tired til the MAX!!!
if we dint makeup for our eyes..our face is jz same wit zombie!!
ohhh goossshhhh~!!!

we had our brunch at 1u..
guess wat time we had our BRUNCH?
its 5pm...wweeeee =D
once we club..sure we have our brunch around 3 or 4pm the next day..
and i think its good for us...muahahahhahaha..

camwhored again be4 goin..

i likey =)


i do love u my babe phinn...
i like to share my everything wit u..i love u..=)

and of coz i love my babykiat oso..hahahahha..


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