Tuesday, October 27, 2009


a very sudden planned to maison again..15/10/09..thurs..
went there wit the same gang again..babe phinn,ding ding,and etc...
camwhored again while waiting for them..=D

reached there around 1am...i noe its late..bt stil we had fun there..=D
its ladies night..bt stil thy need cover charged..coz thy had an event tat night..
bt i dunno wat event is tat..and we don need to pay oso...guys paid for it..LOL!!

pictures here..

me and my babe phinn..=)

i drank fews glass of pure chivas..coz i need to get tipsy as fast as i can..haha
bt too bad..our chivas finished bt i stil "awake" there..guess wat??
i took fews glass from the next table..hahahahaha..thy are malay..
and thy are friendly..=)
bt too bad...maison is damn packed tat day...becoz of tat event i think..hard to move..duhhh..

took some pictures again of coz..=)


babe phinn..

and me,myself..=)

and here...seriously..i dunno siapa punya spec..

and phinn again..=D

and know 1 girl from there..forgot wats her name...ahhaha

my tipsy face..hahahah

and here..the handsome and cute guy..didi..LOL!!

backed around 3am..
and saya dengan phinn went to yc wit the 2nd gang guys aftertat..LOL!!!

camwhored inside the car again...=D

off to home around 5.30am...
slept at 7am something if nt mistaken..
dead tired seriously..

bt stil i wan to say..I CLUB..LOL!!!

p.s:YOU pls fucking go and die!!
p.p.s:it touched my heart seriously..=)

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