Wednesday, October 7, 2009

♥makeup exam♥

supposed to posted this after my exam..due to i dunno wats my result yet..
so i planned nt to post 1st..hw if i fail?right?=)
and now i posted becoz i had passed for my happy..=D

while on my way to fetch my the driver on tat day..=)
after fetched stephanie,thn miky,thn the last my cousin-raquel..

me and miky are so nervous on tat day..and beeing panic all the time..
bridal day makeup jz 40 minutes..

some pictures here..

bridal day makeup..=)

look hw serious and panic am i..haha

and here goes to my coursemate miky..

look at her hand..she is so nervous..whn the time she took the small knife tat used to shave eyebrow..she accidentally cutted it..and lots of blood came out..OHH MY GODNESS!!

and after 40 principal checked this and tat..
and we non stop snapping aftertat..

here goes to...

my cousin raquel..miky model..=)

my dear model..=)

us wit our model..=)

the other exam..creative makeup..
the timing is 50 minutes..

this is wat i done...peacock..=D

done by miky..giraffe..=)

i know i dint do very well..becoz of wat??
becoz of i forgot to take out the colour tat i need to use..
bad luck right??
bt ended up i passed...thx god..=)

me and best coursemate..=) coursemate..
me,miky,sunny,esther and erlind..=)

me and sunny


went to had dinner aftertat..its time for us ro relax ourself..hahaha
bt miky ciaoz after dinner...coz she need to worked..
jz left me,stephanie and my cousin..we shopped til the s.w closed..LOL!!!!




camwhored again whn stucked inside the parking place..=)

much thx to my dear stephanie for beeing my model for my u lots♥♥♥
and oso my cousin raquel..thx for beeing model for my coursemate miky.. ♥

more pictures view at my fb if u wan..=)


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