Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no one is perfect !

*ignore this post*

i really duno hw to express my feelings.
its so super weird ! and suffer :(
i know u changed. bt your lovely mum still the same !
so even hw u change, is still the same.
got it??
because SHE still the same !
treat u like a kid.
so u change or nt is still the same.
becoz wat she said or wat she asked,
u wont feel tat she is controlling u,
and u jz feel ohh, yea. tats right.
because you used to it.
you don even have your own opinion and any comment.
its because your LOVELY mum !
because she used to control u like tat, and you used to it.
so both of you feel nothing on it.
but if outsider, surely feel super duper weird !
AND, im the ONE ! -________-
and you is a BOY !!
u need your ownself thinking and opinion.
bt why SHE want to control this and that? -___-
pissed off !!
im a GIRL !
my parents don even care wat i do.
but u different !
i dunno what your mum thinking.
she need social life seriously ! -.-

just think about it.
tats your salary ! 
why she wan to pandai pandai say give it to your grandparents?
isn't funny??
if u earn few thousand nevermind !
bt u just work as internship ! just few hundred.
give shit meh? -.-
guan lei grandparents meh si?

and i bet, if u finish your salary, thn u get it from your LOVELY mum,
she sure said cannot ! you got your salary why still get from me?
so fast finish d?
tat time ar? i tell u, scold u like mad !!!
and next month gym ar?
i don even think tat u can join !!!
every months muz pay few hundred.
and your salary ! your mum pandai pandai give someone's else !
100% not enough to use lahhhh !
CRAZYYY ~ !!!!!!!!!!

do you know? 
sometimes i really feel to ask u married with your LOVELY mum !
and sometimes i feel to ask your mum to WAKEUP !! -.-

actually i duno how to say about it.
coz u feel nothing.
i damn speechless !
so i better keep my mouth shut !

why she wan to control your salary?? 
i duno why?
who u wan to give, how u want to use its all depends on u?
anyone's can tell me?? 

because u feel tats nothing.
and so u willing to let your mum control !
so watever lahhh !
you don have your opinion !
u willing to do everything for her.
and she's controlling you, 
bt you WILLING to do !
so i seriously speechless !
tats it !

p.s: i hope i can stand for it -.-

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raNge rAnge said...

ya no 1 is perfect~!