Thursday, July 1, 2010

Australia Trip Day 1&Day 2 ♥

okayy, im nt gonna upload all my australia pictures here,
will upload all in my facebook.
bt stil i wil upload some here :)

Reached Melbourne around 7am M'sia time.
bt in aus is 9am.
so go to our hotel, and checked-in this and tat.
we done around 2pm.

the pic we took inside the flight.
reaching to aus :)
nice right?? like cotton :)

 we are planning to give my elder sis surprise.
becoz she's study in Melbourne.
i got a fren study there oso.
yea, is siew huei :)
so i sms-ed her and asked her to msg my sis tat she's waiting for her at downstair.
be4 we went to melbourne, i lied to my sis tat my fren wanna come back to m'sia.
so wil put some stuff tat important at my sis's apartment.
so my sis sms me her address,
asked siew huei to go her apartment :)
HAHA !! funny right?

okayy, whn we reached there, siew huei's smsed her.
so me, my younger sis and my dad waiting there.
whn she came down, she look the other side at 1st.
bt aftertat she look our side, and she was like "daddy??"
thn me and my sis laughing aftertat. thn she like stunning there.
my dad even asked her who are u whn she said daddy?? LOL !!
she said she tot she dreaming ! HAHAHAHA !  
i recorded a video actually, bt im nt gonna to share here :)

we walked around the street aftertat, coz my sis said she jz woke.
so we walked around instead of waiting for her :)

backed to hotel aftertat,
my sis met us up at the hotel :)
so she brought us to had dinner in chinatown.
restaurant name "hong ma yi"
its delicious !!! yum yummmm :)
my sister,serena ♥

and here, their supermarket.
pay by your own :)
im like came from hutan :(
but cnt blame me, coz don hv in m'sia :)
my younger sister wanted to scan. HAHA
here you pay :)

and here, the restaurant i mentioned jz nw :)

i cant really rmb wat we doin and shop.
so i wil stop here instead of talking nonsense here. HAHA !!

DAY 2 :)

without makeup so jz ignore it :)

my sis, dad and me ♥
the sista ♥
Libraryyyy :)
nice right??
my fat faceeee :'(
the cold weather :)
the booksssss :)
i likeyyy  ♥
both of my sis, serena and agnes ♥
three of us ♥
i like this pic vry muchhh  ♥
made by LEGO !!! damn nice !!
the cutie duck ♥
and i duno wats tat actually -____-

backed to my sister apartment aftertat.
and her apartment is very nice !!
i like it  ♥
inside her room :)
i love her bed too  ♥

went to had dinner at fridays aftertat.
my sis korean bf tagged along as well :)

thy brought us to see the super nice night view after dinner :)
too bad my mum at m'sia.
WAO !! super strong wind ! super duper coldd !!
my sis's bf joined in as well :)

my sis's bf brought my dad to casino aftertat.
so me and my sis walked around while waiting for them :)
and we saw this :)
and my sis told us all these very nice :)
so me and my younger sis tried, and yesss ! its super nice !
butttttttt, super expensiveeee !!!
my black forest ♥

guess how much it cost??
its RM25 !!! jz a slice of cake -___-
my younger sis bought tiramisu if nt mistaken :)
it cost RM 25 also.

tats all
the next day 3 and 4 :)
stay tunes !!

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