Monday, July 5, 2010

Australia's Trip Day 4 ♥

Day 4 
we joined another day trip,
ermm, i forgot wats the name.
something zoo mayb? and i dunno.. -.-
anyway, pictures here :)
kangaroos :)
1 of my fren said tat we look same pose.
tats how the kangaroo sit !
know wats this?
actually i forgot wat it call -.-
bt in looney tunes, gt 1 called TAZ !!
yeaahhh ! this is the one !
it look cute in cartoon right?
bt in real..eerrmmmmm -____-

and hereee !!
super cute right??
and his mum lengluiii !! whheeewhhiitttt ~
he kept shake hand wit us :)
awwwwww ♥♥♥
kept smiling wit us somemore !!!
the fake coffee house :)
lets pump water :)
very nice to play actually ! HAHAHA

and we went the candy shop there..
hand made candy !

gold !! the real gold !
actually tat place is gold mesuem ! 
bt i duno wat it call d. nvm -_____-

went to had waffle at night wit my sis and her bf :)
becoz my sis said its super nice !
so here we go :)
white whiteeee :)
chocolate chocolate :)
super tired face -______-

my sis and her korean bf  
our super tired faceeee xD
hot chocolate if nt mistaken :)
and here the waffle !!!!
I MISS the WAFFLE !!! :(

till then,
next post day 5, the last day in melbourne :)
stay tunes !

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