Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 8th Monthsary ! ♥

well, as i know im late to post our 8th monthsary !
because im lazy to blog these days :(
i wonder why -_____-
okayyy, stop the craps and start my post :)

we jz had a simple celebration @ Fridays,Curve ! 
had our dinner there, my sis tagged along as well.
andddd, she's nt a lamp bulb.
because she can take pictures for us :D
LOL !!!

my sister's ordered this :)
mine :)
baby's :)

well, 8 months for me nt to say very long,
but not to say very short oso.
sometimes i feel we like jz started our relationship nt long ago.
bt its 8 months already !
In these 8 months, u meant alot to me seriously !
althought we argued sometimes, bt jz a small cases we argued about.
nt more than half an hour, we OK d :)
you treat me like a baby always, i love it so muchh !
as wat u said, u manja me d.
YES ! i felt tat oso. HAHA !
bt i don care, i wan u manja me all the time. *ngek ngek*
I appreciated wat u did to me all the time !
because u are always sweet to me. 
HE is sweet? sounds gay right?
bt HE IS !! :p
wanted to gave me surprise always.
bt failed always.
he's stupid sometimes ! bt cute  
i like ! 
but on 27th night, which mean sunday night,
he's success !
success about wat??
success about FINALLY he managed to gave me a surprise !
somemore he pakat with the sales girl !! LOL !!!
he almost failed actually. 
bt im stupid :P
im nt telling hw he surprise me here :)
need privacy sometimes oso right?? HAHA !

okayy, tats all i want to say :)

i got alot of stuff need to post about actually.
baby's birthday, fren's birthday, cousin's birthday and etc..
ohh gosshhhh ~ 
but for our anniversary cannot post very late ! 
so its consider special for u babyy 

Last but not least,



p.s: i shouldn't jealous about it, i felt tat im crazy sometimes, bt i wil try my best !

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