Friday, July 9, 2010

Lovey's 21st Birthday's bash ♥

attended for Lovey's Birthday tat day.
 celebrated at Royal Selangor ballroom :)
she's super sweet and pretty tat day ♥
nothing much to talked.
so pictures here :)
camwhored again :P
i curl my hair :)
20bucks only.
cheap eh? hehe

took 1 pic wit my cousin :)

once i reached there, took 1 with my babe Evvon :)
got this once u entered into the ballroom :)
sweetie cousin, Ashley :)
me, Ashley, Stephanie 
Huey, Ashley, Joey 
with the gang :)
kenny's performance :)
with her frens :)
she look nice in grown :)
nw changed to blueeee :)
Lovey, Ashley :)

went to yc with the gang aftertat :)
reached home around 3am :)

tats all.
many pics actually.
bt all with Lovey :)


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