Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chap Goh Meh !

went to I-city wit my family and some of my cousin :)
baby tagged along as well !
all i can tell is the place DAMN NICE !!!
and we tot gt fireworks there bt don have..
thy gt fireworks at saturday..
bt we went at sunday :(
so its passed ! aikss..
bt nvm, stil nice :)

nothing much to talk,
let the pictures do the talking !

the moon is big and round tat day :)

NICE ???

my cousin and his wife and son :)

dad and mom !

whn i reached there. i was like WAH ! like inside a dream ! HAHAHA
little cute boy, casper
me and kiat
and many ppl queue for THIS !!

sweet sweet love
full of tang long !! HAHA
cant even see our face ! haha

i look so pale in those pic -.-
coz dint makeup and sweating like hell !

tats all
ciaoz !

i appreciated u always ♥

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