Friday, March 5, 2010

5th day of CNY ! ♥

The 5th day of CNY !
woke up very early everyday during CNY ! :)
went to baby's relatives there.
coz his parents backed from hometown d.
so i followed baby to his relatives hse to bai nian !
it was my 1st time met wit his relatives :)
im damn gan jiong wan seriously !
BUT im damn super duper bored whn at his relatives hse -.-
im sorry to said tat !
almost fall asleep -.-
bt luckily baby noe tat im bored.
coz he felt super bored too !
so we ciaoz early..
coz my relatives all came to my house.
so baby followed me as well :D
coz we had dinner at Damansara Palace Restaurant wit all my relatives !

baby prefer my side oso whn during CNY !
coz my family all damn happening during CNY :)
bt baby's side very boring :(
and he asked " so nw u noe hw bored am i during CNY everyyear "
and i answered " yes ! " HAHA !
and baby got alot of angpow from my side :)
bt i jz got few from your side.
coz nt a big it doesnt matter oso !
the most important wan is we are happy ! :D

with my
Mr. Lim XD

Damansara Palace Restaurant :)

our love, baby Casper :)

and and and...
Lou Sang is a must during CNY !
AFTER ! =.=

thn we started our dinner after lou sang !
some of my cousin singing there :)
and here !
little cute Ryan and Super Cute Rene singing there as well !

all of them backed to my place after dinner :D
and me and baby walked to my house playground and played fireworks wit my cousin!
walked backed to my house after half an hour if nt mistaken.
becoz i wan to gamble ! MUAHAHA !
and guess wat? i won 90 bucks !

all of them backed around 1am.
wat a nice day i had ! :)

till then !
ciaoz !

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