Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st day of CNY

everyone's noe tat CNY is same day wit Valentine's day.
think alot of couples cant celebrate together wit the love one !
and im the 1 of the couple -.-
as usual, went to my grandma's hse at the 1st day of CNY every year ! :)
all wearing new clothes, new shoes, new bracelet and all !
super happy tat day. coz of wat??
sure la angpao !!!!! XD

camwhored again be4 goin to my grandma's place.

in chinese tradisional, have to eat "mee suah" as breakfast at the 1st day of CNY !
i dunno your same with me anot la. haha!
i like mee suah so much ! NICE !
on the way to my grandma's place :)
the cousin, Jackson Low !
cousin num 2, Ashley Low !
cousin num 3, Low Xinli !
the cute little cousin num 4, Low Xinling !
cousin num 5, Tan Shuling !
cousin num 6, Felisya Low !
cousin num 7, Low Ruimen !
so damn many pics -.-
crazy ! LOL!
stayed at my grandma's place the whole day !
and take care for ashley puppy's happy !
so damn cute ! :)

tats all.

I love u Lim Wei Kiat !

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