Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the late post !

went to pavilion wit baby.
i jz wan to buy bra from xixili at pavilion. LOL!!
new year, new bra ! LMAO !!
everything in new =P

camwhored again ! =P

seriously, the point i went to pavilion tat day is..
i jz wan to get myself some new bra for cny ! LOL!!
after bought it thn we walked around thn ciaoz d !

once we reached there, thn i called my mom.
coz my mom went there wit my lil sis..
and we oready planned to have lunch together !
so yea ! we went to Dragon-i :)
tat day was the 1st day he met my mom..
and everything goes well ! :)

tats all !

my baby is back finally ! ♥

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