Saturday, February 6, 2010

a simple wish ♥

went to curve wit baby.
make a wish at curve.
new year new wishes !
hope it wil come true =)

The wishes from me

wishes from baby

we hang our wishes there !
hope our wishes wil come true !

and and and....hmm..
i d forgot wat we did tat day..
don waste time..
next post ! LOL!

went to 1u to buy WooHoo ticket..
manatau all fulled ! =.=
make me pek cek ada !
we planned to buy at cineleisure aftertat.
and luckily we got a nice sit.
we bought 2 couple sit..and 2 normal wan.
coz my cousin and sis tagged along as well =)

baby tat i love
ohh yea..the movie started at 5.45pm..
and we went in at 6.30pm..
it was my 1st time late for movie seriously -.-

ciaoz ~

p.s: my best friend is the one who brings out the best in me!♥

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