Friday, February 12, 2010

the day at FullHouse ♥

went to full house wit baby and my lil sis..
supposed to go my grandma's hse every sunday..
we wil go there every sunday since i was small..
bt now.. me and my sis don like to go d..
coz its super sien !!
and nothing to do at there..
jz wait for the dinner, after dinner then ciaoz -.-

anyway, pictures here :)
this is wat i ordered :)

my sis, she was like ALAMAK ! XD

me and baby ♥
the another wan :)

and this !!!!
super funny!!!


til then..
ciaoz !

for you,
i think too much sometimes,
and u always told me don think so much,
and im trying til the day we settled,
i felt so sorry to u once u told me tat night,
i noe u love me so much,
and u're really good to me,
and i trust you always !
luckily we settled,  if not we wil sad again next time !
and of coz i hope it wont be happen again next time,
if nt i jz scared i cant stand for it :)
wat u did tat night, i really appreciated it !
u did it becoz of me! :)
I love you ! ♥

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