Saturday, January 2, 2010

♥Taiwan Trip♥ 6th day

it was last day in taiwan..=(
and it was our free we decided to shop like non body business.. :)
something happened. made me and my elder sis damn pissed off!!
coz 2 of us cant even find my dad and my cousin them..lost!! LOL!!
so left me and my sis..we shop ourself..=)

this is their MRT!!! damn easy and convenient!! likey. :D

went to Miramar shopping mall at 1st..

inside MRT!!

my sis..

pei you and me.. im nt ready yet.==

wit peiyi..

wit pei you..

here we reached? NICE???

went to had our lunch once we reached..

wats this??
u jz take this to your table and wait once u ordered the food..
it wil rang whn the food is ready. good right?

redbean wit small tong yuen. :) NICE!!

sesame tong yuen. NICE!!!!!!

felisya had this..


elder sis had this..

after lunch..thn we started shop around..
and me and my sis bought AGNES B. bag..wwooohooo~!!!!!
damn happy seriously...
too bad malaysia don hv this brand..=(

Agnes B lollipop..hahaha

Levis..all jolin's pics inside..LOL

went to "wu fen pu" aftertat..
bought something there..damn crowded..
but the stuff there damn cheap seriously..=)


off to SOGO shopping mall aftertat..
their Sogo ada new wing and old wing oso..
damn nice to shop..
we bought shampoo there..coz they gt 1 shampoo damn nice to use..=)
and we kept find stuff to buy for my sis..coz she dint buy anything..
kesian right?? bt luckily we found at last...=)

bought shu eumura product there oso..cheaper than here..=)



met wit my sis fren aftertat..
thy are from taiwan..thy brought us to this restaurant..

the vege. =)

this is sesame..u have to use the wood there to make it. LOL!!

become like this..haha!!

this is wat i ordered..=)

had dessert aftertat..

my sis wit her frens..
took photo be4 we ciaoz...=)

us wit the girl..

thy are friendly and kind..=)

til then..

p.s:u're very funny seriously. =____=

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