Thursday, January 14, 2010

Louis 21st Birthday Bash

went to 1u wit baby jz to buy present for louis..
and we went few shops..
ended up we went to Tommy Hilfiger.
we bought 1 Polo-Tee for him.
bt....don have his size d. =.=
thn we went to KLCC aftertat.
coz the salesgirl told us left 1 there.
so we purposely went there and buy.
hw good? =P

camwhored again while waiting baby to fetched me. =)

went to had lunch with baby 1st..
thn backed to his hse and waited for him to prepared =)

once he done. then we straight away to KLCC.
camwhored again while on the way to KLCC. =P

while waiting for the lift. =)

went to parkson and bought the PoloTee for the birthday boy..
and i bought a super duper nice cheese cake from Isetan oso.
went to louis's hse aftertat.

camwhored again while goin to Louis's hse. LOL!!

im showing my fat face =.=

once we reached louis's hse..
all his relatives there..
hmm..we reached early mayb? =)
anyway..nothing much to talked about..
jz eat,drink,snap and all..
so..lets the pictures do the talking yea. =)

and wit the SUPER DUPER CUTE puppy,Happy!
jz like a cute bear! OMG! =D

thy discuss hw to cut the cake? =.=

wai cheung!


wit the lovey dovey! =)

soon keat! LOL!!

the gang!
the card very nice right?
tats made by louis's baby,Ashley. haha!


Yik Xian!! LOL!!

after few glass of pure chivas..LOL!!!!!!!!

send ashley and the cute puppy home aftertat..
off to my sweet sweet home at 3 something. =)


im like a dead fish these day seriously! =.=

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