Friday, January 8, 2010

As i had mentioned tat i went to genting wit the gang during christmas eve..
we went backed around 5 if nt mistaken..
all of us dead tired seriously!! =.=
backed to baby's house aftertat..
and i planned to had our dinner at fullhouse..
coz i never been there be4..HAHA!

we ordered dunno apa tea d..
something like apa lemon wan. LOL!

left-baby, right-mine =)

baby ordered nasi lemak.. =)

i ordered dunno wat spaghetti d..
damn oily seriously. =.=
like eating those oil like tat. wth?

candid! luckily cant see my zombie face. LOL!

super duper tired face! =.=

backed to my sweet home after dinner.
reached home around 10pm if nt mistaken!
tired til the max seriously! =.=

26/12/09..which is saturday.
went to poppy wit ashley and the gang.
phinn tagged along as well =)
went to fetched my babe phinn after worked.
i drove all the way to poppy..
geng right? LOL!!

my stupid face! =.=

canwhored inside my car while waiting for the gang. =)


met up wit ryan aftertat.
coz me and phinn wanna pee..LOL!!
cant tahan seriously.
so we both followed ryan to go in earlier.
coz ashley need to waited for the gang.
went to toilet once we went inside.
met up wit ashley inside poppy.
nothing to talked about.
jz snap snap snap!
dance dance dance!
drink drink drink!
laugh laugh laugh!
lets the pictures do the talking.

saya dengan phinn =)

aku dengan cousin,ashley =)

Huey and cousin,Jackson =)

Huey,Lovey,Ashley <3

Huey,Eddy,Phinn =)

Huey,Yik Xian,Phinn =)

I wit Kenny and Eddy =)

Soon Keat,Eddy,Me,Lovey,Ashley,Louis =)

with the gang! =)

the girls tat i heart. <3

off to home around 5am.
1 word i would like to repeat it again and again.
tats TIRED!!! =.=

and i start my job now. hope it can fill up my day.
so tat i wont feel boring everyday. =)


p.s: i think u're the only one tats perfect for me..♥
nothing can replace you in my heart..
no doubt, its YOU! ♥

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