Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve♥

on 21/12/09 which is monday..
went to pavilion wit my baby..coz baby wan to buy something tat he wan it so much.. =D
and we wan to see Jay Chou and Chi Ling of coz.. =)
met wit my cousin aftertat..coz thy wan to watch their idol oso...haha!

spot Jay Chou and ChiLing?
JayChou is the 2nd..ChiLing is the 4th..=)

baby look quite weird whn he smile..haha!!
went to had porridge wit my baby at Jln Ipoh aftertat..
my cousin tagged along as well..=)

23/12/09 which is Wednesday..
went to the curve wit baby..
cousin tagged along as well..coz thy wanted to sing k at redbox..
bt i got to worked tat after dropped my cousin there..
thn backed to baby's hse and took my car and straight to worked..
after worked..went to baby's hse and we went to the curve again..
after met wit my cousin..thn we had our dinner at Little Penang..

my cousin..felisya and Xinli =)

I with them.. =)

The clear wan.. LOL!!

*Christmas Eve*
hw i celebrated whn on Christmas Eve?
i went to Genting wit my baby,ashley and the gang..
coz lovey have 1 condo we had a little party there..
we dint go up to Genting..jz some of them went up..
we saw firecrackers from our the firecrackers nt from genting..
bt from someone who stay at the condo =.=  HAHA!!
stil nice of coz!! =)

camwhored 1st be4 goin.. =D

both of us wearing totally diff wit the gang =.=
coz we tot all of them wil go up to Genting at 1st..
manatau once we reached ashley's hse..she said nt goin up..
if we wan to go up ourself oso we nt driving..
coz we tumpang louis car..hehe..
so i asked my baby changed his top and pants once we reached the condo..
LOL!!! and we was like..=.= should bring slipper..coz he wearing sport shoes..LOL!!!

and here he changed. HAHA!! see hw tired we are..LOL!!

dinner at Gohtong Jaya..
the couples wit the super tired face! LOL!!

the girls..=)
meashleycherishlovey =)

tats all..

i don mean to make u feel sad sometimes..
forgive me for i make it purposely sometimes..
bt sometimes i really feel tat way..i oso dunno..jz the feelings..
sorry for wat i did u always..♥

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