Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new year eve ♥

where i went whn new year eve?
tats maison. =)
wit babe evvon and their gang. quite fun! =)
we jz enjoyed ourself there.
drink,drank,drunk! LOL!
wat we did always whn club. haha!
nothing to talked about.
lets the pictures do the talking =)

camwhored at baby's hse be4 maison. =)

lelaki aku. LOL!

my notty baby aka anak emas! LOL!!!!!!

went to had dinner wit him be4 maison
fetched babe phinn after dinner.
coz we have to rush to maison be4 10pm.
luckily we're nt late. =)
once we went in. thy gave 1 red cute bag.
its so cute and nice. haha!
pictures here. =)

babe phinn <3

my babes! <3

met my secondary fren peck hsia! HAHA!

this is the red cute bag tat i had mentioned above. =.=

this is the super duper cute glass.. damn nice! i like it so much!
jz hang around your neck and dance like no body business.
sounds happening right? plus the glass non stop blinking there!

bt i like this pic for no reason. LOL!!

balik rumah around 4am if nt mistaken =)
tats all for my new year eve.

and i damn like my babe evvon camera! fuiiyyooohhh!
fall in love to her camera seriously! =.=

yest and today.
i got a weird feeling.
even myself oso dunno y.
i hate this feeling.
its damn weird and it was like stuck inside my heart! =.=
i think this and tat. think til very far and simply think.
i noe i should respect. so i dowan to tel u.
bt i told u at last. im sorry if i hurt u whn i told u yest.
i wil try my best to stop thinking of it.
actually stil got wan. bt i dint tel u. coz its nt the right time.
and whn u saw this. don ask me wats it.
coz i wil never tell. i have to respect. tats it. =)
and im okay d. so no need to ask or tel d. <3

I love you

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