Friday, September 25, 2009

My 20th♥

this is the year tat i celebrated without bf...duhhh...sad!!
luckily i stil gt my fren and oso my cousin to celebrated wit me..
really appreciated it..=)

my best fren hui hoon planned to overnight at my hse..becoz she's the only 1 who willing to accompany me..this is wat we called as bestie..=)
camwhored be4 1u..=)

we had lunch at secret recipe,1u..=)
we do chit-chatted alots...our mouth was like non stopped talking...hahahaha

we wit my apple kasturi =)

and a cake of coz...=D

and here my dear hui hoon..=)

i love this pic very much...took by my dear hui hoon..muacks

after lunch..thn we walked around..
bought a short pants at pull and bear..i likey =)
and bought 1 boxer for myself...haha

and i planned to eat ice-cream after shopped..hehe

and here we go...Haagen-Dazs

its so exp...==

i noe u love me my dear =)

backed home aftertat...and prepared for the 2nd round..

i noe im wearing the same dress...haha

camwhored again..


lovey,ashley,me and hui hoon =)

the other cousin ashley celebrated wit me again although i noe tat my birthday oready passed..haha
bt who care?haha
i noe she love me..=)

we had our dinner at look out point..=)

my cousin,ashley =)

the guys..kevin and weng jun

weng jun and kenny face without makeup...hahahha

thx for the celebration..=)

and here i wan to thanks for my dear stephanie,she gave me a surprised..omg!!really got really very happy..i noe u love me so much..and here im gonna to say I LOVE YOU MY DEAR STEPHANIE!!muacks..

the 2nd is hui hoon,she's wit me for 2 days..we do chit-chatted alots..
we shared everything,
we removed makeup together,
we makeup together,
we sleep together,
we online together,
we eat together,
we shop together,
and pillow talks...
ooowwhhhh...i jz love it so much..the feelings is so damn nice!!
i jz remembered tat we talk until 6am only sleep..hahahahaha
i jz wan to say is I LOVE YOU HUI HOON!!muacks

thx for who wished me at facebook,sms,msn and etc...i really appreciated..=)
love u all...muacks..

p.s:quite dissappointed to somebody..duhhh
p.p.s:i wont forget IT!!=)

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