Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i should post this earlier...becoz its all about matta fair...=)
well..i went to matta fair wit my dad,sis and cousin..
all i noe is alot of ppl there..my godness..
and thy provided mask this time...becoz of H1N1..
bt i never wear once oso..i jz don like it..=D
i wil go to taiwan at december..wooohhooooo...cant wait for it...^^
anyway..pictures here..

i jz wear for camwhored...Lolz

wit my cousin,pui yee..=)

i'm damn nervous and scared now..
becoz tomoro is my trial...and my exam is at this coming thurs..ohh my godness...='(
i jz hope everything goin smooth tomoro...

p.s:wish me luck..=)

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