Monday, September 7, 2009

Merdeka eve@Maison

where you celebrate for your merdeka eve??
i noe tats no fireworks for klcc this genting had...haha
hmm..all i noe is i celebrated it at maison wit my fren..=)
we had alot of fun there..
pictures here..

evvon babeee..=)


the girls...

some of the guys joined in..=)

touch-up touch-up..haha

i likey..=)

me and cheryl...she's cute and pretty...=) sweettt..haha

a sweet kiss from evvon..=)

and a sweet kiss from me to her..=)

and took some pics wit some of the guys here..=)

i hate this mat salleh!!XD

stil have alots of pic actually...i jz posted some of it here..
view it at my fb if u wan..XD


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