Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I hate hairclass!!

ya..as wat i had wrote at my title..i hate hairclass!!!
i don like it at all...wtf
here's some of the pics...my teacher make it..


taaadaaahhhhh~!!!!this is hw i look...omg!!

me and my classmate...miky..=)

after snap snap..thn my mind was like "pls take it off all the clips on my hair now!!"
becoz i don like it...
i felt tat it look quite old..like auntie...=(

miky was the 1 helped to take it out...haha

off to home aftertat,went to fetched my sis and my maid to had dinner..
we had BBQ chicken as our dinner..=)

my maid...

i noe my maid are so modern...muahahaha

next post UP UP!!=)


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