Wednesday, September 30, 2009

♥Baby Casper♥

supposed to have lunch wit my dear stephy at due to i got to help my mom work tat cancelled...duhhh...wil find u soon my dear..=)
okay..stil i had lunch wit my sis at the garden which my sis was craving for it so long...and now FINALLY!!

the food nt bad it...=)
after had lunch..thn rushed to my mom office...hehe..i noe im a good girl..LOL!!
after worked..and yeah...went to my grandmom's hse..becoz it was the cutie baby 1st birthday party..
the 10kg birthday cake..=)

baby casper yap..=D

and her mom took this cute right?=)

and here...her mom and her sweetie baby..=)

and here...the happy family...
ohh yea...never mention who's baby is this...the baby is belongs to my cousin..
which is standing at the right wan..=)

and here light up the candle..=)

birthday songs..=)

1..2..3..blow =D

the mom cecelia and the baby casper..=)

baby casper...u noe we love u so much...muacks^^
my mom bought him 2 baby tee and 1 baby jeans from baby GAP..=)
and of coz a angpao..haha



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