Tuesday, May 12, 2009

day out ♥

okay..went out wit my babe anna at last tuesday if nt mistaken..becoz 1 of my fren yvonne wanted to dated us since we so long time dint meet each others dy..hehe..we went to pavillion and walked around there..and non stop gossiping of coz..muahaha...and of coz camwhoring..=)


camwhored b4 went out..

we went to dunno wat madam dy to had our lunch..=)

me and anna ordered the same..nasi lemak...it was nice!!

my lemon tea..=)



me and yvonne..

again and again..haha...non stopped for snapping photo..haha
me babe anna..=)

yvonne and anna..


FUCK YOU!!!!!LOL!!!!

they r crazy..haha

LOL!!!she cant stop laughing whn she saw this pic..haha

love this picha~!!!!

me and yvonne..

yvonne added in finally..=)

she's my babe ever...=)

white colour look fat..

same same..haha

went to t.s aftertat...becoz we all are very thirsty...so...had some tong sui at sweet chat..=)

camwhored again while waiting for our bobo cha cha...

we cant finished it...becoz we r so fulled..haha

take 1

take 2..

anna here...yvonne,whr r u??she was the 1 whos took the camera..haha

yvonne ciaoz early aftertat..and left me and my babe..becoz we wanted to walked again..haha

heart u alot...♥

i did my nails art aftertat...hehe

bought this blue dress from mng..like it..=)

jz a simple nails art

ohh yea...no more curtain for my room anymore..becoz of my nose..so my mom changed it..


alots of pic we took...haha..

i wil start my make up course next monday i think..woohhoooo~!!!!=D

p.s:i muz control myself...

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