Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You spin my head right round

omg..i gt a lots of pics to uploaded..==...ok..where i went for my saturday night??i went to barcelona...jz to celebrated for Rainsom 21st birthday..i bought a Polo perfume for him..hope u like it..=)
camwhored awhile while waiting for my fren..=)

here's the present...i like the packing very much..=)

wit my cousin...wan to wear this top to barcelona i changed it at the end..haha

cousin num2..=)

and my babe stephanie...=D

the huge chivas here..=)..nth much to talked about tat day..we are enjoyed tat night..
bt coz some of the reason...we become moody... *u noe i noe la my dear* ..muahaha..
we reached there 11 packed at all..damn bored if u reached to the club it was damn packed aftertat..=)
nth much to talked about..we all danced like nobody im tipsy tat night..hmm..vomited be4 i slept..and vomited again on the next day..== was FUN~!!=D
pictures here..
me..stephanie..vicky..jia yee..=)

my babe..=)

tat's not my hand..i noe it look like my hand..haha
vicky and jia yee...

Couple num 1..
Couple num 2..
Couple num 3..

Couple num 4..
me and dear vicky..=)
omg..i look fat here..='(
vicky and stephanie..

me and cute jia hand..different colour..=(
stephanie and jia yee..
me..pei wen..stephanie..

and some of the girls here..=D
vicky added in finally..haha...let me introduce here..from left to right..=)
me..ah wei..stellies..stephanie..jia yee..vicky..=D

and me and the birthday boy..
i jz love this pic so much for no reason...haha
me and me babe stephanie again.. *hearts u so much*
Gzai and stellies..

bao cai..Lolz...lets parrttyyy together..muahaha
me and ah weng..

lets enjoyed together here..=)
here we come..=D
u kiss my dear without my permission...=(..LOL!! wei..Gzai..
me and Gzai...
ah weng and ai wei..
me and ai wei...ah kit at the backed..and dunno who's hand is tat..==

ah leng and ah kit...
stellies and Gzai...
ah wei...
ah leng and stellies...
TAKE 1...Gzai hand...==

TAKE 2..

Sunday..purposely woke up early at the next day..becoz i stayed over at my grandma hse after barcelona nite..slept at 5am and woke up at 9am..becoz i need to fetched my sis to 1u since she wanted to get a new school bag..
camwhored again be4 outed..=)
this is the top i like the most..=)

me and agnes...

ohh yea...whn we reached..we saw a children fashion was so damn cute...all the model are kids...muahaha...hw adorable was it....=)

walked around aftertat..had our lunch at simply penang...the food comment..==
nt really nice...hehe..purposely walked to voir be4 we ciaoz..becoz my maid wan to get a pair of shoes at there since thy gt sales there..
i saw a bag while waiting for my maid...haha...and i bought it...becoz i like it very much..=)

tomyam fried rice...their fried chicken nice only..==

backed to my grandma hse aftertat..
off to home around 10...=)

next post wil be update very soon..haha...

p.s:heard a news from my babe stephanie yest nite...ohh..its a bad news...hmm...muz becareful next time my babe..
p.p.s:y am i stil......???help me anyone??

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