Wednesday, March 11, 2009

fun time

7/3/09..sat..supposed went to had dinner wit my dear staphanie thn some of them said cancelled by the i thought cant out i had received my dear staphanie msg..she told me tat she was prepared and went out dy..and thn i told thy said cancelled dy..thn she was get shocked and at the end..some of them came and fetched me..i was rushing all the way..coz thy said thy r on the way to fetched me suddenly..Lolz..i noe my dear stephanie gt asked them y told me tat cancelled??so thy came and fetched me....see hw good was my dear u all the time...=) luckily i stil can make up and etc...muahaha..we all went to had dinner at kuala selangor..keke..nice right??and our dinner was started at 10 something..lolz..i think it can counted as supper who care??we did enjoyed there..=D..and we headed down to barcelona aftertat..be4 we in..we saw 1 big group chinese guys ran out from barcelona suddenly..and fighting outside barcelona...OMG!!!thy kept punched and kicked..kicked tat dude head wit shoes somemore..wth..sure pain til can die..haha..fighted til the guy cant even stand dy..and 1 of them,his tops wit blood..OMG!!!i was so scared tat time..dunno y..Lolz..erm..we in around 1 something..i noe it was late..haha..we did enjoyed there..=)...something happened after i don wan to mention it again...=)..coz it was too long if i tel u all here..*u noe i noe la hor my dear?* off to home 4am something..
at kuala selangor..=)
the girls..=)

me and my dear staphanie..others i cant rmb their name..sry..haha..
my dear stephanie..muacks..=)
6/3/09..fri..went to had dinner at hartamas..guess wat??we had korean bbq as our dinner..the restaurant called was quite dunno y i cant really eat tat sry my dear..hehe...and we had alcoholic drinks...korean alcoholic drinks......!!!dunno wat to make my dear stephanie felt fainted aftertat..haha...we did enjoyed ourself all the time..=)..we caught a movie at kepong after our dinner..we watched LOVE was a very very funny of coz all the funny part is to home around 2am i think..=)
pictures time..=)

my dear my dear..=)

say cheers!!!!!!haha
this....errr...i don really like..alcoholic wit 19.5%...juz a small bottle..==

the sweet couple...=)

us wit alvin..

take 1
take 2 and cheers..=D
me look fat here coz of the stupid jacket..=(

wit the korean chef...

omg!!!i noe my pose is so damn...=='''
my dear goin tipsy dy..LOL!!!!!!

p.s:i did really enjoyed my single life now..=)
p.p.s:and thx my dear stephanie always caring of me all the time..hearts u..muacks..

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