Friday, March 20, 2009

Matta Fair

hey..i noe i look very pale without make up...haha..this is some of the random pics last week i took be4 i went to 1u tat day..haha..ohh yea..i bought my idol-jolin's album..wwoohooo!!its so damn nice..i mean her pic..and the book inside..all is her nice pics..NICE!!!!!nothing to talk about pictures here..

everyone went to matta fair last week??i went there on sat and sun..haha..and i oready booked for lang tengah trip wit my frens..i juz cant wait for it..haha..its so damn packed at the fair..nothing to talked about it oso..haha..i noe im lazy's the pics tat i took whn this girl was painting there..its silk painting..and its my fren asked her drawed the famous temple in indonesia..=)..and here she go...haha


she's gonna finish dy..=)

p.s:damn tired..

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