Thursday, March 26, 2009


i'm back finally...kinda lazy to blog recently..hehe..well..these pics is i took whn i went to genting last thurs..i went there wit my cousin..guess wat..its damn bored whn i was there tat time..coz i dint went to play around at the theme park..coz its nt enough time if we play around there..coz we hv to backed around 5pm..we dint stay at had our lunch at there..and yc at mcd..oohhh mmyyy!!!!!1 word..BORED!!!and we went to believe it or not for fun...althought we went in thn we in again this time since we all was so so so bored..hmm..we walked around there aftertat..and i was so sleepy tat mood at luckily,the time was passed quite fast..haha..nth much to talked about it..jz so pictures post wil update soon..=)

me and jessie..

look so damn weird..=='''

look at our hand compare wit tat hand..LOL!!


me and teing

many types of ties..

me and nikey..

rainbow rainbow over the sky...==

p.s:i'm damn dulan wat u did...i wish i can slap u if i can..cb!!!
p.p.s:sry if i'm so rude..coz i really cant stand for it..=(

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