Thursday, April 1, 2010

moody !

im damn bad luck in these days !
its about my bf and my family !
YES ! im damn in love wit him, any prob?
YES ! i always went out wit him, bt i think its normal, bt why you?
and i jz went to his hse and had dinner thr, any prob?
why you keep thinking tat i always shop around?
and y u say so much stuff infront of him?
can u ever think of ppl feeling?
do u noe tat the way u talked is hurting ppl? and nt jz him ! me too !
wat century now? huh?
i really don like it !
and pls don judge a book by its cover can?
nw is i love him nt you ! understand?
i noe wat im doin and i noe wat kind of ppl i wan !
im nt stupid !
i don like being control !
pls understand it !
im goin mad soon !
don make me feel like run away pls !
becoz i dowan it happen oso !
so please !

and i wan to tel you, no one is perfect in this world !
pls understand this word !

and don judge a book by its cover !
pls understand this word !!!

damn pissed !! gggrrrrr~ !!

i think i need to stop here..

me and my baby

i love him very much !
nothing can destroy our relationship !

ciaoz !

baby, i wan to go and eat again :)

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