Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 6th monthsary ♥

Hey all, im back ! HAHA
its been an age i dint update my blog ! gosshhh !
becoz im lazy and dunno wat to blog about -.-
  working everyday ! nothing can blog seriously !
 nvm, im back to my blog now :)

every month 28th, is our anniversary ! 
tmrw is our 6th monthsary, which means half year :)
half year nt to say very long bt nt to say very short oso.
bt we appreciated every moments whn we being together.
bt sometimes we argued oso, bt coz of some small matters only.
not those big matter or something serious la. HAHA ! 
as i noe, every couples sure argue wit their loves be4, am i right?  

I would like to say he's the best bf in this world seriously ! 
I bet i cant find a guy like him in this world anymore. 
or mayb jz left few of them in this world?? i dunno :) 
i feel tat im very lucky tat i met him. 
is this call fate? dunno =D  
I do complained about him sometimes, bt he really changed it ! 
some of his bad habits, he changed it oso.
Im happy tat he changed it jz becoz of me !
really appreciated it alot !

He did prove everything to me :)
exp, about his studies. Im very scared i will influence his studies actually.
but he did got the good result and show me =D
 Im very happy for him seriously !
bt his exam coming soon, hope u get the good result yea baby ♥ 
I hope im the best gf for him oso. HAHA !
hope our relationship will last forever yea
nothing can destroy our relationship!

Last bt nt least, i would like to say.........


hope everything goes well tmrw

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