Monday, October 11, 2010

My 21st Birthday Party ! ♥

Hey readers !
Im back to my blog again !
i know my blog is totally dead for few months i think? :p
im super lazy to update my blog actually. hmmm

anyway, im now to blog about my 21st birthday party.
nothing to talk about,
invited my frens, relatives and all..
so lets see the pictures here :)

the invitation cards for the neighbors ♥

the invitation cards made by myself, nice? :D

with lovey ! thanks for her DSLR !  ♥
my darlingsss  ♥ ♥
anna ♥
khai ping ♥
stephanie ♥
christine ♥

with my dad ♥

my love ♥ :D

macam yes?? HAHA

my cake  ♥
the cake from my bf's frens :)

sisters  ♥
Happy Family ! ♥
and im shy ! :p
make a wish !
cousins sisters
i got alot of cousins, bt duno all hilang tat time -.-
my all time lover  ♥

thy likes to kacao kacao :D

 Ashley and Stephanie :)

my elder sis :)
3 Sisters  ♥
my mum  ♥
the pressie tat i got :)
thanks alotttttttt !!!!!!  ♥

the K.O KING !!! :D

tats all for the post.
will update more if i got time :)
ciaoz !


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