Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't JUDGE a book by it's COVER!!

i wil nt upload any of my photo in this post..coz there's something i wan to say..AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

at 1st,i NEVER ffk u ONCE oso!

2nd,about tat hennessy artistry party,my frens oready booked a ticket for i cant cancelled for it by the time!

3rd,i felt sad once u told me the truth!

4th,do u feel happy if i really go to the club and meet your? *mayb u do*

5th,i think u NEVER treat me as your bestie ONCE oso!if u do..u wont treat me like that!

6th,please think be4 whn u wan to do something!

7th,don be so childish please!


u "gap" wit your frens to lie at me..and i really believe wit it..becoz i really treat u as my bestie..i used to called u aftertat..and u stil dare to said "go la..go together la.."

can u pls behave yourself?luckily i din called backed to your fren,and luckily i don hv any mood to club tat day..and my hp was in low batt tat time..OHH,THX GOD!!if nt i think your wil open a big party at somewhere else..or jz laughing like no body business..

u never think tat hw if i really go there to meet wit your?or u wan me to die?don u think u r so childish?can u pls don be so childish?

and i noe tat u never plan to tel me the truth actually..jz becoz i asked u on the next day hw was the club yest..thn i think mayb u felt guilty whn i asked u?so only u told me all the SHIT wat your did to me...

and of coz i hv to thx u for being honest to least i noe wat kind of ppl u are NOW!

u broke our friendship by yourself!!

and i hope u know tat its not easy to build up a very good friendship!

and now only u felt its too late!!

i really dunno WAT THE FUCK u are trying to do..and i dunno wat's your mind!!

as i noe, all of u are failed in your planned!!

wan to play me 1 more time?if your answer is YES..and im here gonna to say you're welcome to do IT AGAIN to me..=)




To all of my frens..jz wan your to know Don't JUDGE a book by it's COVER!!!

p.s:i really felt disappointed on YOU!!!

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