Thursday, July 9, 2009

♥Penang & Malacca♥

i went to penang and malacca last 3 weeks if i nt mistaken..coz of my nw only i updated..
hw many ppl goin??tats jz 4...its 3 girls 1 guy...LOL!!!!fun???haha..we stayed at penang for 1 night...and 2 night for malacca..
we started our journey at 3am...reached there around 7 something or 8am..
i noe we are CRAZY!!!!!bt it was FUN!!!!!=D

inside the rest room...almost reached at penang...look at our tiring face..

my babe mint bag...i love the teddy...=)

soh and mint..


whn u saw this pic...u noe whr is it...right??hehe
3 of us...

we took our breakfast once we reached there...

mint and peiling..

thomas and mint...

we went to aquarium which is located at penang..becoz we saw it at the stupid GPS!!

we went to MOIS at it was nt fun at all..coz there's no one...==
u noe y??becoz it's thursday..==
we kept finding this stupid MOIS by i search it by internet using my hp..and i got the hp num of the boss i think...jz called and asked where's it...haha


U ARE SO RED!!!!!!hahaha

and nw listen here carefully...
we went to malacca after penang!!!yea...ITS PENANG TO MALACCA!!!!!!!!
i noe we are crazy!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
from penang and passed by kl and malacca...=='''

we had our lunch inside the car while on the way to malacca...


peiling and thomas...

peiling aka ah soh...

the wheather is so damn hot in malacca...==

want??its very famous at there...

she waited for us...becoz 3 of us massage for our she dont...hehe

the water is SO DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

muz try for it if u go there...damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
guees which is me??haha
we queue up for this for 1 hour something...hw crazy???
bt everyone really crazy about it...
this is satay celup...

at the night..we went to pure bar...nice!!!!=)

inside pure bar...LOL!!!!!!!!!

we backed at sunday aftertat...

act cute..=='''
on the way back to our sweet home...haha

stil hv alot of i uploaded at i jz uploaded some here..=)

p.s:i miss you!!!!!!

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