Thursday, June 18, 2009

♥Jolin Tsai♥

ohh yea...this is my last post about my idol Jolin Tsai..=)
Mega Zone is the VIP ticket..=)

y gt 1 white dot there??i oso dunno..=(

spot me?the picture size very big after uploaded thn the size become smaller..
so look blur...*click the picture if u wan to see clearly*..=D

me and felisya...

camwhored again be4 went out...

we went to met up wit Jolin be4 the promo tour at 14th floor,times super happy whn met up wit was damn close man!!!!!!!!=D

some of the buffet there..=)

guess who's this??LOL!!!!!!

finally JOLIN here...=D

asking some question from Jolin Tsai..=)

JOLIN TSAI u are so cute!!!!!!!

look blur...

Oriental Hotel...

times square..Group A

Group C...and where's group B??Group B is my group...=)

Jolin wit the Crew...

Jolin wit the chef..

at kk,sabah...=)

we got signed at her poster...hw nice??hehe..went down to the promo tour and waited for Jolin aftertat...tats lazy to type...ciaoz!!

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