Thursday, November 27, 2008


hey..i had changed my blog to here yea...=)..erm..juz wan to try actually...ha! My old blog add is ..bye frenster blog!!!=D
24th nov..mon..woke up at 12something..oohhh!!!its stil early for me..haha..coz i slept 6.00am on sun...Lolz...tat's y..i'm tired..ok..of coz gt a reason y i woke up so early..hehe..coz i need to accompany my mom went to tesco...haha...we went there and bought many tidbits...hehe..i'm become fatter nowadays...yes i noe...DIET!!!i need time to diet lahh..haha..

off to home at 3something..nth much to talk about tat day..
25th nov..tues..yest woke up at 2 pm something..haha..juz stayed at home for whole day man!!!!!!wat a boring life i have nowadays...hmm...=.=''' its something happen in the cant tel u guys here...its secret..=)...damn funny man!!!WE ARE THE WINNER!!!!=D..juz me and u noe wat i mean to bed at 6am something..lolz...damn tired man!!!
hey dude..can u pls don disturb me anymore??or even be a "8 gong"??u r a busybody u noe???i wil settle my things by need u to busy...understand??juz stop it la can??wat u did nowadays really damn fuck u noe??who u wan to cal juz go one wil listen to u anymore now!!!!!!as i noe u like to cal my mom...juz cal!!since u like to tel my mom wat shit u wanna tell...JUZ GO AHEAD LA!!!!i don even care...u juz make me more hate u now!!!!tat's all la...i dunno u wil see this i stil wanna wrote here...i gt nothing to say about u dy...wil spoil my mood...habis!!!

i think i have to stop here...hehe...times now is 4.35am..nitez..ciaoz..

p/s: I hope tat wat u told me yest its really from your true heart...i miss u so u always..and we r the winner baby..muacks...


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